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the best collection of sacred songs, hymns, odes, and anthems ever offered the singing public for general use.

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Like Cords Around My HeartLike Cords Around My Heart Audiobook

By Buell Cobb. Cobb’s acclaimed Sacred Harp memoir brings to life singers and singings of decades past with poignancy and wit. Audiobook features 6 CDs with a digital download and a booklet with preface, author notes, and photos. More info »

OSH-CE-Front-Cover-SmallOriginal Sacred Harp: Centennial Edition

Edited by Joseph Stephen James. Centennial Edition edited by Jesse P. Karlsberg. Commemorative reprint of a much-loved 1911 historical edition of The Sacred Harp, with a new introduction on the book’s legacy and context. More info »

The Makers of the Sacred Harp

By Warren Steel with Richard Hulan. The long-awaited companion to The Sacred Harp, tracing the sources of every tune and text in our songbook, from the work of B. F. White and E. J. King to the contributions by various composers to the 1991 edition. More info »

The Legacy of the
Sacred Harp

By Chloe Webb. Curiosity about Webb’s grandmother’s tattered 1869 edition of The Sacred Harp songbook, sparked a quest to reconnect with Dumas family ancestors who composed, sang, and lived by the words of The Sacred Harp. More info »

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Volume 5, Number 1: August 2016

Online Exhibition: The United Sacred Harp Musical Association

2009-fyffe-croppedSince its first session in Atlanta in 1905, the United Sacred Harp Musical Association, commonly known as the United Convention, has affected the form of The Sacred Harp and public consciousness of our traditions. The story of the United Convention—told here through recordings, photos, and more—offers a fascinating perspective on the history of Sacred Harp singing in the twentieth century and beyond.

Online Exhibition: The First National Sacred Harp Convention

national-indeximagePeruse documents, images, and recordings that tell the story of the first National Sacred Harp Singing Convention a new, four-day Sacred Harp convention held in June 1980 that honored the heritage of Sacred Harp tradition while celebrating the growth of new singing communities.

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