Board of Directors

The Sacred Harp Publishing Company is a non-profit corporation belonging to its stockholders, who elect a Board of Directors in even-numbered years, to conduct business both for the corporation and for the promotion of the spread of Sacred Harp singing.

The Board of Directors meets annually at the Sacred Harp Headquarters and Museum in Carrollton, GA, to review current business and adopt plans for the future. Additional periodic meetings are held, usually at singings, with proper notice.

The Board of Directors of the Sacred Harp Publishing Company includes:

  • Chairman of the Board: John Plunkett
  • Executive Secretary: Karen Rollins
  • President: Michael Hinton
  • Vice President: Jesse P. Karlsberg
  • Treasurer: Philip Denney
  • Recording Secretary: Lela Crowder
  • Assistant Secretary: Kathy Williams
  • Executive Secretary Emeritus: Hugh McGraw
  • Treasurer Emeritus: Charlene Wallace
  • Member of the Board: Danny Creel
  • Member of the Board: Richard Ivey
  • Member of the Board: Nathan Rees
  • Member of the Board: Shane Wootten

The Board of Directors is supplemented by an Alternate Board, whose members are appointed in even-numbered years by the Board of Directors, attend Board meetings, and may be called upon to vote in a Director’s absence.

The Alternate Board of Directors includes:

  • Aldo Ceresa
  • Bill Hollingsworth
  • Robert Kelley

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