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Introducing Vol. 3, No. 1 of the Sacred Harp Publishing Company Newsletter

The sixth issue of the Sacred Harp Publishing Company Newsletter features stories about key figures and events from Sacred Harp’s history and celebrates the Sacred Harp Museum’s rich collection of songbooks, papers, and recordings. Our issue begins with company executive … Continue reading

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Honoring Jeff and Shelbie Sheppard: 2014 Citation Awards

On April 12, 2014, at the annual State Line Singing, the Sacred Harp Publishing Company presented Pam Nunn and Rene Greene with citation awards recognizing the contributions of their parents, Jeff and Shelbie Sheppard, to Sacred Harp singing. Jeff and … Continue reading

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Minnesota State Convention, September 28, 2002: “To the Puzzlement and Delight of All,” a “Surprise Wedding”

I was bound and determined after my split-up with a non-singer that my next partner was going to be a singer, so there were a lot of third dates at Sacred Harp singings. Lara liked the first one she went … Continue reading

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A Happy Life: Reflections on Sacred Harp Singing by Barrett Ashley

On Sunday, July 4, 1993, after the end of the second day of the Henagar-Union Sacred Harp Singing Convention in Henagar, Alabama, Chicago Sacred Harp singer Jerry Enright sat down with Barrett Ashley, a singer from Collinsville, Alabama, and one … Continue reading

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Our Debt to George Pullen Jackson

Introduction At the 1965 session of the United Sacred Harp Musical Association, held in Nashville, music educator Irving Wolfe delivered a speech on George Pullen Jackson’s contributions to Sacred Harp. Jackson, whose series of books and articles published between 1926 … Continue reading

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In the Footsteps of Lee Andrew McGraw

It was a warm, sunny afternoon in early summer 2009. Sitting in the garden with my brand new copy of The Sacred Harp I was following the advice in the rudiments to open the book at random and say the … Continue reading

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Making the Sacred Harp Museum Accessible: A Newly Donated and Digitized 1909 White Book

The Sacred Harp Museum is thrilled to announce a new addition to the collection which will help us further our goal of preserving Sacred Harp heritage while making it as accessible as possible to the singing public. We express sincere … Continue reading

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Seeking a Volunteer to Help Lay Out Print Versions of the Newsletter

The Sacred Harp Publishing Company is seeking a volunteer to create printable PDF versions of issues of the Sacred Harp Publishing Company Newsletter. The PDFs will complement the online version of the newsletter. They will be made freely available through … Continue reading

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