Sacred Harp Publishing Company Citations

History and Criteria

On October 11, 1969, the Sacred Harp Publishing Company began a practice that continues to this day. The Board of Directors voted to present citations to “honor and express appreciation to loyal supporters and dedicated singers for outstanding work in the company and untiring support of and dedicated service to the cause of Sacred Harp music.” They established six criteria for presentation of the citations:

  1. Only deceased stockholders are eligible to receive a citation.
  2. The deceased stockholder must have been active in the formation of the Sacred Harp Publishing Company since 1935 and/or be a stockholder in said company.
  3. To be eligible to receive a citation, the deceased person must have been a teacher, writer, or an outstanding supporter and leader of Sacred Harp music.
  4. All citations presented must have been approved by a two-thirds majority of the Board of Directors.
  5. The citation must be presented to the person or persons approved by the Board of Directors.
  6. The citation must be presented at the honoree’s Memorial or home singing by an officer or member of the Board of Directors of said company.

—Karen Rollins

Citation Recipients

  1. Thomas J. Denson
  2. Seaborn M. Denson
  3. Paine Denson
  4. Howard Denson
  5. Whitt Denson
  6. J. C. McWhorter
  7. Frank Rogers
  8. Bob Burnham
  9. J. W. Ballinger
  10. James H. Defoor
  11. B. E. Cunningham
  12. O. H. Frederick
  13. L. A. McGraw
  14. Joe Myers
  15. H. N. McGraw
  16. O. A. Parris
  17. J. J. Akers
  18. O. H. Handley
  19. Martin Blackmon
  20. A. A. Blocker
  21. A. Marcus Cagle
  22. C. H. Gilliland
  23. Priestley Miller
  24. Annie Denson Aaron
  25. Owell Denson
  26. Floyd Frederick
  27. George Parker
  28. John T. Parker
  29. J. W. Laminack
  30. George Parris
  31. J. L. Thomas
  32. A. L. Parker
  33. Ben Shipp
  34. T. J. Shivers
  35. E. T. Smith
  36. George D. Phillips
  37. Coy Putman
  38. T. B. McGraw
  39. G. S. Doss
  40. Walter Chandler
  41. [E.] Foy Frederick
  42. Lloyd Wood
  43. Ruth D[enson]. Edwards
  44. W. M. Cantrell
  45. L. P. Odem
  46. Z. L. Hardin
  47. J. E. Kitchens
  48. M. F. McWhorter
  49. T. Buford McGraw
  50. Palmer Godsey
  51. Millard Handley
  52. Robert E. Denson
  53. Ennis Wall
  54. Preston Warren
  55. Henry Wilson
  56. Joseph Joshua Harper
  57. E. G. Akin
  58. D. T. White
  59. Walter Parker
  60. J. H. Ballinger
  61. Hoyt Cagle
  62. Leman Brown
  63. Leonard Lacy, Jr.
  64. Ezra C. Bowen
  65. Carl Hughes
  66. Preston Crider
  67. Horace Hamrick
  68. Doris DeLong
  69. Henry Kerr
  70. Robert Aldridge
  71. Mae Seymour
  72. Jerry Sheppard
  73. Lessie Cates
  74. H. Roy Avery
  75. Marie Creel Aldridge
  76. Virgil and Ruby Phillips
  77. Ruth Brown
  78. Felton Denney
  79. William Green
  80. Amanda Denson Brady
  81. Lonnie Rogers
  82. George Seiler
  83. Jerry Enright
  84. Harrison Creel
  85. Jeff Sheppard
  86. Shelbie Sheppard
  87. William J. Reynolds
  88. Carlene Griffin
  89. Evelyn Harris
  90. B. J. Harris
  91. Raymond C. Hamrick
  92. Earlis McGraw
  93. Toney Smith
  94. B. M. Smith
  95. Oliver Kindig-Stokes

Newsletter Articles Commemorating Citation Recipients

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