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Joe and Frances Jones are faithful supporters of Sacred Harp in Huntsville and beyond. Joe, originally from Cleburne County, Alabama, is the grandson of M. F. McWhorter, composer of the tune "Jackson" (p. 317).

Grandpa McWhorter: Singer and Civil Servant

The issuance early last year of the reproduction of the 1911 Original Sacred Harp (the James Book) caused me to reflect upon the extraordinary influence that historic old book and its predecessors had on common community life throughout the deep … Continue reading

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Sacred Harp Singing: A Way of Wife

Editor’s Note: This article was initially published in the Huntsville Sacred Harp Newsletter, no. 18 (February 1994), edited by David Ivey. Thanks to David and to the author for suggesting it for inclusion in this issue. How many of you … Continue reading

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