Lottery for Shares in the Sacred Harp Publishing Company

Editor’s Note: The window for entering your name into the lottery is now closed. The lottery was conducted on March 23, 2013. Read a list of the names drawn in the lottery.

The Sacred Harp Publishing Company is governed by shareholders who elect its Board of Directors at a biennial stockholders’ meeting and are eligible to serve on the Board. The Company recently declared a number of long-inactive shares to be abandoned and will be granting interested singers the opportunity to purchase these shares through a lottery to be held in March of 2013.

To enter your name into the lottery, please contact Karen Rollins, Executive Secretary of the Company, by mail (1040 New Mexico Rd., Bowdon, GA 30108) or e-mail (, with your name, contact information, and a message indicating that you would like to be included in the lottery. The Company will continue to accept names for the lottery through February 2013. All the names submitted will be drawn from a hat and placed on a list in the order they are drawn. Starting from the top of the list, those whose names are drawn will have the opportunity to purchase up to 2 shares in the Company at $25.00/share until the available shares are exhausted. The remaining names will be placed, in order, on a waiting list which will be used to sell additional shares, as they become available, until the list is exhausted. As the Company is a non-profit organization, the value of these shares will remain fixed at $25.00 and the shares will not pay dividends.

This lottery system is a new process for enabling interested singers to purchase a share of stock. The Board of Directors believe this will be an equitable way to sell these abandoned shares and any future shares which become available.

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Jesse P. Karlsberg is the vice president of the Sacred Harp Publishing Company. He edits the Sacred Harp Publishing Company Newsletter. Born in Boston, he lives in Atlanta and is senior digital scholarship strategist at Emory University.
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