“Lost Singers”: Help Needed

The Sacred Harp Publishing Company has been trying to reconnect with a number of individuals who have been associated with the Company. In some cases, we have had difficulty making contact: We have sent letters to last known addresses, searched various phone books, combed through minutes books and, and asked other singers for information about these singers’ current whereabouts. We have had success in locating some of these hard-to-track-down individuals, but we have a list of people we simply can not find.

Would you please review this list for us. If you see the name of someone you know, or if you perhaps know a relative of one of those listed, would you please enter that information into the form on the page with the list and send it to us? Karen Rollins and the other officers of the Publishing Company would appreciate your help!

About Michael Hinton

Michael Hinton is the President of the Sacred Harp Publishing Company. He lives in San Antonio, Texas. His grandfather, T. J. Denson, taught singing schools from Georgia to Texas and contributed eight songs to The Sacred Harp.
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