Chloe Webb’s Legacy of the Sacred Harp: Now Available

The Sacred Harp Publishing Company has purchased copies of The Legacy of the Sacred Harp by Chloe Webb, of Fort Worth, TX. Chloe and Doug Webb have been loyal and deeply committed Sacred Harp singers for many years. They have traveled to singings all over the country in recent years.

Chloe discovered a link to her family’s rich singing history when she was given an old Sacred Harp tune book that her grandmother bequeathed to her. This tune book began a long “personal and emotional journey” for Chloe to find our as much about her family and the connection to Sacred Harp singing. Her book is the result many years of “digging and reading old documents.” The book will be a delight for Sacred Harp singers to read.

Some comments from Chloe about the book:

I can briefly say that it is a memoir of my family line through the past 400 years to the early days of Jamestown, linked through the generations by fasola Sacred Harp music. I’ll elaborate to say that an ancestor, Sir George Yeardley, as Governor of the Virginia Colony, established in 1619 the first representative government in the New World. Within thirty days of this historic event, this same man accepted the first ship of Africans in Virginia, thus setting in motions the events that would lead to slavery in our country and the bloodiest war in our nation’s history.

The family genealogy had already been researched and published. I think you may be aware that my own search for personal stories began with an 1869 edition of The Sacred Harp bequeathed to me by my grandmother, Terry Dumas Nolan, who had received the book in the same way from her grandfather, whose brother was Edmund Dumas, the Sacred Harp composer. Along with other individual accounts told in historical context, my book reveals a fascinating link with Shakespeare (with examples of his use of fasola music) and the hurricane that inspired his play, The Tempest.

Chloe Webb’s book is now available from the Sacred Harp Publishing Company for $17/book including shipping anywhere in the continental United States.
Visit our page on The Legacy of the Sacred Harp for ordering information.

About Michael Hinton

Michael Hinton is the President of the Sacred Harp Publishing Company. He lives in San Antonio, Texas. His grandfather, T. J. Denson, taught singing schools from Georgia to Texas and contributed eight songs to The Sacred Harp.
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5 Responses to Chloe Webb’s Legacy of the Sacred Harp: Now Available

  1. Michael Lohrer says:

    Dear Friends,

    Greetings from Lübeck in North Germany first. With great pleasure I read the “Legacy of the Sacred Harp.” I’m very interested in these themes.

    The LORD bless you all,

  2. Hello Michael,

    You may be interested in the Sacred Harp singing workshops we are running in Germany in October 2011, in Frankfurt and Wuerzburg. More details are at

    Keith Macdonald

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  4. @Michael:

    You might also be interested to hear that there is a Sacred Harp singing group in Bremen, Germany, meeting every Thursday evening.

    See here:


  5. Kathryn says:

    I have just finished reading The Legacy of the Sacred Harp. I have been thrilled with all the information and wonderful stories. My triple great grandfather was Uriah Dumas, brother of Edmund. Thanks to this book I have learned about Sacred Harp music and I am fascinated! I look forward to talking with my long-lost relative Chloe Webb about the Dumas family and will tell her how much I enjoyed her book.

    Thank you so much,

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