Information on the Lottery for Shares in the Sacred Harp Publishing Company

Editor’s Note: The lottery for shares in the Sacred Harp Publishing Company was conducted on March 23, 2013. Read a list of the names drawn in the lottery.

Thanks to all those who expressed interest in participating in the lottery for a chance to purchase stock shares in the Sacred Harp Publishing Company. The window to enter your name in the lottery closed on February 28.

The lottery will be held on March 23, 2013 after the Saturday session of the Georgia State Sacred Harp Convention at Emmaus Primitive Baptist Church in Carrollton. Names of those participating in the lottery will be placed on index cards, folded, and placed in a container. Cards will then be drawn by an officer of the Publishing Company with other officers and board members present as observers. People not present at the drawing will be notified as to whether their name has been drawn by e-mail or other means. If you have submitted your name, please make sure that Karen Rollins, Executive Secretary of the Publishing Company, has up-to-date contact information.

Those whose names are drawn will have the opportunity to purchase up to two shares in the Company at $25.00/share. The Company will retain the list of additional names in the order they were drawn as a waiting list to be used if any future shares become available. As the Company is a non-profit organization, the value of these shares will remain fixed at $25.00 and the shares will not pay dividends. This lottery system is a new process for enabling interested singers to purchase a share of stock. The Board of Directors believes this will be an equitable way to sell currently available shares and any future shares which become available.

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Jesse P. Karlsberg is the vice president of the Sacred Harp Publishing Company. He edits the Sacred Harp Publishing Company Newsletter. Born in Boston, he lives in Atlanta and is senior digital scholarship strategist at Emory University.
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