Pre-order The Makers of the Sacred Harp

Dr. Warren Steel’s The Makers of the Sacred Harp, the much anticipated companion to The Sacred Harp, is now available for pre-order. Place your order now and we will ship out your book as soon as copies arrive at Headquarters later this month.

The Makers of the Sacred Harp features the history of every tune and text in our song book, from B.F. White and E.J. King, to living composers such as Raymond C. Hamrick and Hugh McGraw. Makers is a must-have for every singer and makes a great gift.

Copies are available for $15/book + $3.50 shipping via USPS anywhere in the continental U.S. Shipping for additional copies is only $1.25.

About Jesse P. Karlsberg

Jesse P. Karlsberg is the vice president of the Sacred Harp Publishing Company. He edits the Sacred Harp Publishing Company Newsletter. Born in Boston, he lives in Atlanta and is senior digital scholarship strategist at Emory University.
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